Baby Budget Question #1

What surprised you the most after completing this assignment? The aspect of the assignment that surprised me the most was the amount of money it costs to care for a baby. The cost of taking care of my baby was

The End

I protected my egg very well, it did not get any scratches or cracks. I think it’s because of my egg mansion. My egg mansion is

Normal Life?

If I was the only one carrying the egg around I will feel a bit uncomfortable because people will see one guy carrying an egg baby around school and giving it to teachers to sign.  I will feel


My real baby will obviously be sleeping in my room because I will feel more relaxed when the baby is near my reach in case he/she is in any trouble.

Quality time with my baby

I did not really do anything special over the weekend so I didn’t take my baby anywhere. If my baby was real then it would really affect how

Telling the family

If I had a baby at this age my family will be very disappointed with. My family will feel

The Start: Gender/Name

The card I drew was a male. This means that from now on, my egg baby will be classified as a male.


  If a friend of mine told me that she got pregnant right now, I will be very disappointed in her because the decision she made was not the best one. I will feel a bit of sympathy because I will know that my friend will not want a baby at this age.