Social Media Survey

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In class, we were given a task to create a survey and ask students questions about the topic. The topics were factors that could affect students at CIC. The topic my group received was Social Media and our hypothesis was that students at CIC are not careful when they use social media. Many of the statistics showed that a lot of children start using social media at very young ages and this made us think that obviously they won’t be careful when they use social media. Also, the statistics that we got from the internet also revealed that most social media networks actually spy on their users without their permission. Finally, we started to notice that the students are actually aware of some safety problems. For example, most of the students knew that they were actually being watched when using social media and they said that they are always careful about what they say and post on the internet. Most students believe that making friends on the internet is not as safe as making friends in real life so they are cautious when talking to people they do not know.According to the information we gathered, we came to a conclusion that our hypothesis is wrong and that CIC students are actually cautious when using social media.

Image result for wrong hypothesis


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