Complaint about the faulty laptop

Timi Akanni                                                                                                                                       728 Sanatorium Road                                                                                                                             L9C 7V6                                                                                                                                               Hamilton, Ontario

25th April 2017


Dear Manager,

I am concerned about the faulty Dell 13″ laptop that I purchased at Stoney Creek, ON, July 17, 2016 and I am righting to receive repairs or a replacement.

The laptop has several faulty buttons including the numerical buttons and the arrows. They are very difficult to press and a large amount of force is required for it to work. Also, the touch screen is very slow and the reaction is bad. The laptop did not come with a stylus for the touch screen, it does not interact with the screen. I noticed the problem after two days when I first started using the laptop. I could not find any technician who could help solve the problem.

I have the attached a photocopy of the receipt as proof of purchase.

The laptop is also very slow but on the package I saw that it was very fast with a lot of space. The description on the package does correspond with experience I have while using this laptop. It is also difficult for the laptop to connect to a wireless network yet my other devices can connect to the network easily.

I would hope you will be able to fix the problem as soon as possible and it will be more appreciated if you could give it to the Geek Squad. It will need it to be fixed very quickly because I have a lot of files and documents that are very important for me and my education. If you will not be able to fix it, it will be best to help me get all the files on the laptop and we could discuss a replacement or a large discount for another option. If none of these solutions are met I will have to report to your head office.

You can contact me at (647) 321-1456 or by email on

Your Sincerely,

Timi Akanni

Enclosed: Copy of the receipt for the Dell 13″ laptop.




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