What is a FAMILY?

A family to me is a group of people who are related by blood and share similar beliefs. A family consists of parents and their children but you could also include grandparents, uncles, aunts and maybe even friends. Families are committed to improving each other’s welfare and happiness. Members of a family support each other, respect each other and have strong love and compassion for each other.

My family’s culture.

In my family we have 4 members; my mum, my dad, my brother and myself. I am the eldest child in my family which puts a lot of pressure and responsibilities on my shoulders. My family is built on religion and trust which holds everyone together. My parents are very religious people and have input different qualities into me and our brother.

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We also have a thing called the ‘Akanni values’, these are values that come from the Bible. We use these values to guide us through different areas of life and help us in very tough situations. We also have family meetings like once every month to discuss issues we’re facing in school, socially, spiritually, physically and as a family. We do this to look for solutions to our problems and ways to avoid encountering those problems again. In my family we only eat together during Christmas and maybe New Years’ because most of the time my parents have a lot of work and business to attend to so they might not have time to eat as a family.

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As a family we love travelling, everywhere summer we travel to different countries but mostly Canada because we classify it as our second home. We are all citizens of Canada but my brother was born their so he was citizen before the rest of us. My family is closely knit and we support each other in everything we do.

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How is my family unique?

All families have different values and priorities and my family is no different. The thing my family values the most is love. They teach us that in whatever we do we most have love for that thing. Other families may focus more on education or money but our no.1 focus is love because we must love each other before we do anything else.  Also, the running of my family is guided by the Bible. Whenever we have issues or problems that we find difficult to solve we use the Bible as a way to solve the problems.  Other families may use other ways to solve problems like meeting counselors or asking other family members for help.

Interestingly both my parents came from polygamous families. My mum’s father had around 2 wives and my dad’s father had 4 wives so this could also be different from other families because there are not a lot of polygamous families now.

My family encourages any dreams or goals we want to achieve and we support each other all the way. For example, if I decide to have an occupation that has to do with sports or sports management, my family will support 100% even if it is not in line with what they expected me to be.  My family is supportive no matter how difficult it may be.

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In conclusion, I believe my family is unique because of they way we motivate each other and the different values that we have.

If we move to Canada

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Fortunately, a few years ago my family moved to Canada to obtain a Canadian citizenship. Moving to Canada was a big struggle at first because we only had a few friends in the area and this made it difficult for us to know about the country. We had to practically start from scratch. For example, my mother had to get her drivers license before she would be able to drive us around. My brother and I moved to a new school and we found it hard to fit in mostly because the education system was different from back home.

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As a family we had to adjust to many things. For example, we had to adjust to the new weather and climate because in Canada there are 4 seasons (summer, winter, autumn and spring) but in Nigeria we only had 2 seasons (dry and wet). This meant we had to buy different clothing and accessories that would allow us adapt to the different weather.

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When we moved here, my mum didn’t have a job because she found it a bit difficult to find one but she had a business back home so she bought goods from Canada to help her business and my dad didn’t move with us which was very difficult for us because we didn’t have a father figure around for a long time.

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Also, back in Nigeria we had nannies/maids that helped with the cleaning and cooking in the house, but when we moved to Canada we did’t have anyone to help with the daily chores. I got new responsibilities when I moved to Canada. I had to sweep, wash the dishes, cook some food and tidy up rooms. This helped my independence because I will need to do these things when I eventually move out.

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Also, my family had to adjust to the different cultures that reside in Canada. There were people with different religions, cultures, beliefs, races and languages. We had to learn to respect people of different backgrounds and also relate with them to create strong friendships.

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To conclude, coming to Canada was a serious change but we enjoyed the time we had and I am glad to be back!!

My Family Tree

My Family Tree is very complex because both my parents came from polygamous families which made it hard for them to tell me all their siblings. Click here to see my Family Tree.

To see my Dad’s Family Tree, on the corner of his name you will see a mini family tree, click it.

To see my Mum’s Family tree, on the corner of his name you will see a mini family tree, click it.

My Dad Family tree

dad family tree#1



My Mum’s Family Tree




My favorite part about my family

My family is very awesome. They are supportive, loving and caring and they would do anything for me. Yet, the thing I love most about my family is the effort they put into spending as much time with me. For instance, when I came to this school, I thought that my parents will stop calling me and that I will lose contact with them but that did not happen. My family try to keep in contact with me at any opportunity they have and this makes me feel that I am still at home. Also, they always listen to any problem I have and this makes me know that they really care for me. They try to spend as much time with me because anything can happen (God forbid any bad thing happening to my family) and I don’t know what I will do without my family so I am grateful that they do their best to spend a lot of time together.


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What will I change about my family

To me, my family is awesome but the thing I will change, specifically about my parents is that I want them to be less protective. My parents are over protective and they barely give me any freedom. For example, if I want to go out with some friends, my parents will expect me to always call them before I go out and they might even tell me not to go because they don’t think it’s safe. I want my parents to give me more freedom and allow me do things on my own without me having to call them. Also, I want them gain a lot more in me and know that I wouldn’t do things that they wouldn’t be proud of. If they could change then I would be able to be more independent and do things without needing them because eventually I won’t be a child anymore so they have to realize that soon enough. I hope they eventually change.


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