Baby Budget Question #1

What surprised you the most after completing this assignment?

The aspect of the assignment that surprised me the most was the amount of money it costs to care for a baby. The cost of taking care of my baby was $3,554.63 which I believe is a very high sum of money which will still continue to increase. I did not believe that taking care of a baby will even reach $2000 because I did not know all the items and tools that the baby will need to be safe and continue in his/her growth. Objects like a crib, diaper bag and breast pumps were items that I never thought will cost so much. I thought a crib will cost around $150 but then it turned out that I bought it for $370. Also another thing that surprised me was that the price of baby clothes remained the same as the baby grew older. I was actually pleased about that because it meant that I will spend less money than I will have planned on spending. Lastly, the number of items and apparel a baby will need also blew my mind. At first all I thought a baby will need were clothes, a crib, a bottle and diapers but after going through the budget plan I realized that there are several things a baby needs for growth. In conclusion, I was shocked overall about how expensive a baby actually is and the number of things it needs.


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