The End

I protected my egg very well, it did not get any scratches or cracks. I think it’s because of my egg mansion. My egg mansion is comfortable and well cushioned to protect my egg from any sudden impact. I believe that I was a very good parent to my egg because I kept it safe throughout the whole 2 weeks of the project. Also, I took pictures of my egg to create good memories and to show other people my very handsome egg (:. Also, I gave all my teachers and club coordinators my journal which most teachers thought was very responsible. Overall, I believe that the egg project showed how responsible I am.lil pump

First of all, egg babies are not as expensive as real babies. You don’t really have to buy items for your egg baby but for a real baby you have to buy clothes, food, toys, cribs, diapers, wipes and other items. All these items could cost a huge amount of money which parents may find difficult produce. Egg babies are not actually living organisms so if u break them they’re are not actually going to die. Real babies, on the other hand, are alive so if you make a mistake you could risk the life of the baby so this means that you have to be extra careful when with your baby because anything could happen. Egg babies don’t need love and affection because they are not real which means egg babies don’t have real emotions. Real babies need compassionate love because they require someone to rely on for several reasons. Egg babies are always quiet, never hungry, never need to us the washroom and don’t cry unlike real babies who always want attention from the people around which could be very stressful sometimes. In my opinion, I feel that taking care of a real baby will be more fun but also very stressful because the baby is my own blood and I will want my baby to grow to the greatest human he/she can be. Babies will also need more care. In conclusion, real babies are way more difficult to care for than egg babies.

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I am a bit relieved that the baby project is over because it was a bit stressful having to bring my egg baby to school everyday as well as giving my journal for teachers to sign for every period. The project was also a bit fun because we got to design our own eggs in any way we wanted to. I got to see different faces on the eggs. I also liked the fact that it was somehow like a contest to see who will crack their eggs first and who will last to the end. I also enjoyed naming my egg and creating a Snapchat and Instagram for it.


During this assignment, I have learnt that taking care of a baby will be very stressful and a lot of energy will be needed to be put in for me to have a family. It has also taught me how to be responsible and careful especially the fact that we were trying not to break our egg babies. The thing that surprised me the most was that I did not crack my egg baby because I usually think that I am a very clumsy and forgetful person, yet, I was able to keep my egg baby safe. Also, I did not forget to give all my teachers my journal to sign which is another great achievement.

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The project is a very good idea but there are still other things that could be added and taken away that could make it better. I think that not boiling the egg will be a better idea because it will force the students to not keep the eggs in their bags all day and to actually carry it around. Also, the fact that the egg is not boiled will scare the students because no one wants egg yolk soiling their books. This will cause them to be extra careful wen taking care of the egg. Secondly, telling the students the gender of their egg before hand will help them plan the names and design of their eggs. It will also stop any arguments because if one student designs his/her egg in a masculine way but then later he finds out that it is a female could cause an argument. Lastly, I think that the project should be made into a type of competition with a prize so that the students will be more encouraged to do their best. For example, a competition for who can go the longest without cracking their egg or whose egg can get the most likes/followers on a social media account. I hope these ideas are helpful and will be used for the next Family studies class.

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