Baby Budget Question #2

Identify 3 items in the chart that you feel are necessary in order to raise a happy and healthy baby?

First of all, the clothes are one of the necessary items needed to raise a healthy baby. This is because babies need clothes for warmth because if the babies are not warm, they could be extremely cold which could cause several illnesses that will be a very negative impact on the growth of the baby. Clothes also provides comfort and protection from different elements like the sun and also sharp objects. Clothes are mandatory for a baby because without clothes a baby cannot be protected. Secondly, baby food is very important for the raising of a baby. Baby food is crucial for the development of the brain of a baby. If you are not giving your child the required nutrients and diet then you can be affecting his/her ability to learn and process information. Baby food contain nutrients like iron and protein which aid in the growth of a baby. Protein help build and repair tissue in the body which is necessary for a baby to grow and continue living. A baby needs baby food to feel his/her dietary needs. Lastly, babies spend a lot of their first year sleeping and this is why a crib is necessary for the taking care of a baby. According to some research because most cribs have different coloured shape designs it is said that these shapes aid in the improvement of the cognitive abilities of a baby. Also, baby cribs create a safe and comfortable space for babies to sleep as well as move around. This helps provide the baby a good place to sleep and rest his/her body. These are the 3 items that I believe are the most important and necessary for a baby to be raised properly.

Image result for baby eating baby food


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