Baby Budget Question #5

If I were to have children in the future I will create a budget for raising my baby due to the several benefits you could obtain from it. First of all, creating a budget will help plan the first year of my baby.

The budget will reveal to me the necessary and unnecessary items that I will need to raise a healthy and happy baby. For example, without the budget I wouldn’t know that I would need a thermometer or baby clippers. Instead, I would have used normal nail clippers which could harm my baby. This shows that having a baby budget is a smart way to plan how your babies life will be and the things needed to care for the baby.

Image result for necessary baby items for newborn

Secondly, a baby budget will show me the final cost of all the things my baby will need. This could help me to start making the money needed for my baby and save it until the baby arrive. I could use the budget to decide the right prices for different items and it could give me different websites and stores to buy affordable, high quality items for my baby.

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Third, a baby budget will allow me to save money for my child’s future. When I choose the items , their prices and the final cost, I will be able to know how much my baby will cost and when the costs are settled then I will be able to start saving money for my child’s future, like college fees. The budget will make it easier for me to save money and still buy quality products. The money saved could help for the planning of the future.

Image result for save money for college

Lastly, budgets could save money for future children or family members. It could make more money available for other family needs like a new house or for renovation. In conclusion, I will create a budget because it helps plan for the future and saves a lot of money.


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