Baby Budget Question #3

Identify 3 items in the chart that you feel are not necessary in order to raise a happy and healthy baby?

First, I think that the burping cloth is an item that I believe is not necessary to raise a healthy baby. This is because other materials like cotton cloths could be used to clean stains when burping your baby. The burping cloth is quite expensive as well and other alternatives could be used instead. Parents use the burping cloths to clean spills and absorb substances but it is kind of a waste of money because it does not aid in raising the baby.

Image result for burping cloths

Secondly, feeding spoons are expensive, colourful spoons that parents use to give their babies food. I feel that feeding spoons are not a necessity because other types of spoons could be used to feed the baby and the spoons are quite expensive for just spoons. The money used on the spoons could be used for other items that are more important.

Image result for feeding a baby

Lastly, I think that diaper bags are very expensive for no major reasons. These bags just have a lot of pockets and compartments to keep different items but they cost around $300 for a bag!!! There are other cheaper options to choose instead of a diaper bag, regular bags could be used just as good as diaper bags. Also, diaper bags are heavy and it could be difficult for the mother to carry the bag around.


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