In this assignment, we were told to create a presentation about ourselves and tell the class about different aspects of our lives. I spoke about my ethnicity, my family, my favourite music, clothes, music, etc. The most interesting or significant part about me is the type of music I choose to listen. I listen to…

My Parents’ parenting style

What is parenting style? Parenting style refers to the manner in which parents raise their children. This can refer to the parents’ levels of expectations, performance demands, attentiveness to rules and performance demands, as well as their type of discipline techniques to enforce expectations. There are 3 main styles of parenting: Authoritarian, Permissive and Authoritative….

Nike Ad

This advertisement used Heart Strings to make the product/company appealing. The ad created a story about how everyone can do anything if they put their mind to it. Nike is trying to inspire young kids and teens that anything is possible and that Nike can help you do that. This is the reason why the…

Social Media Survey

In class, we were given a task to create a survey and ask students questions about the topic. The topics were factors that could affect students at CIC. The topic my group received was Social Media and our hypothesis was that students at CIC are not careful when they use social media. Many of the…

Complaint about the faulty laptop

Timi Akanni                                                                                                          …


What is a FAMILY? A family to me is a group of people who are related by blood and share similar beliefs.

Baby Budget Question #5

If I were to have children in the future I will create a budget for raising my baby due to the several benefits you could obtain from it. First of all,

Baby Budget Question #4

Babies are very expensive and their are some families that just can’t buy all the things a baby needs to survive yet there are still ways

Baby Budget Question #3

Identify 3 items in the chart that you feel are not necessary in order to raise a happy and healthy baby? First, I think that the burping cloth is an item that I believe is not necessary to raise a healthy baby. This is because other materials like

Baby Budget Question #2

Identify 3 items in the chart that you feel are necessary in order to raise a happy and healthy baby? First of all, the clothes are one of the necessary items needed to raise a healthy baby. This is because babies need clothes for

Baby Budget Question #1

What surprised you the most after completing this assignment? The aspect of the assignment that surprised me the most was the amount of money it costs to care for a baby. The cost of taking care of my baby was

The End

I protected my egg very well, it did not get any scratches or cracks. I think it’s because of my egg mansion. My egg mansion is